Isolated Miniliths (2020)


Satellite01 (2017)

Location: Dumpton Gap beach, Ramsgate

Organised by the arts group Article 10, Littoral Light 2 is a sequel to last years successful exhibition in the same location. A collection of light installations on a stretch of beach only accessible once the tide is out. At this event, I presented Satellite01, a beacon of light that developed to interrupt the landscape.


The Light-Mass Correlator (2017)

Location: Brewery Tap, Folkestone

Spatialist Daniel Tollady and curator Georgie Scott present their installation, The Light-Mass Correlator. Inspired by JG Ballard’s ‘The Crystal World’, in which a forest starts to crystallise through a ‘leaking’ of time, they investigate how matter can be constructed, arranged and refracted by the electromagnetic force of light. Observers are welcomed to speculate the overactive and accidental process that occurs between the light source and the cylindrical forms creeping across the space.


The Same Space and Future Reflections (2016)

Location: The Allotment, Margate


The Transilience Beacon (2016)

Location: Fort Burgoyne, Dover
Location: Dumpton Gap Beach, Ramsgate


Satellite:1984 (2015)

Location: Brewery Tap, Folkestone
Collaborative installation with Chihiro Yoshikura.


Devices (2015)

Location: University for the Creative Arts

Materiality and Perception

My practice is in a permanent state of flux. Nothing is finished, and nor will it be, because the visual language of geometries that I use is always altering the way in which it is presented. Always becoming. Each structure, each drawing, is a configuration that signifies the arrival of another and a history of countless others.

Trying to document the configurations however is much like a painter trying to paint a river exactly as it is the instant that it is seen. Water is fluid and constantly flowing, so a painter paints the river as it appears every time they glance at it. So really, every painting of a river is a collage of an infinite number of configurations of water that make it. Each drawing of mine is an infinity of spatial relationships that present themselves to me whether I notice or not - only the ones that I have seen are translated and recorded, an idea that can also be understood in relation to my structures. My practice belongs to a plane of spatiality.


Modular / Composite (ongoing)