Satellite:1984 (2015)

Location: Brewery Tap, Folkestone
Collaborative installation with Chihiro Yoshikura.

Devices (2015)

Location: University for the Creative Arts

Materiality and Perception

My practice is in a permanent state of flux. Nothing is finished, and nor will it be, because the visual language of geometries that I use is always altering the way in which it is presented. Always becoming. Each structure, each drawing, is a configuration that signifies the arrival of another and a history of countless others.

Trying to document the configurations however is much like a painter trying to paint a river exactly as it is the instant that it is seen. Water is fluid and constantly flowing, so a painter paints the river as it appears every time they glance at it. So really, every painting of a river is a collage of an infinite number of configurations of water that make it. Each drawing of mine is an infinity of spatial relationships that present themselves to me whether I notice or not - only the ones that I have seen are translated and recorded, an idea that can also be understood in relation to my structures. My practice belongs to a plane of spatiality.

Modular / Composite (ongoing)

The Transilience Beacon

Location: Fort Burgoyne, Dover
Location: Dumpton Gap Beach, Ramsgate

Satellite01 (2017)

Location: Dumpton Gap beach, Ramsgate

Organised by the arts group Article 10, Littoral Light 2 is a sequel to last years successful exhibition in the same location. A collection of light installations on a stretch of beach only accessible once the tide is out. At this event, I presented Satellite01, a beacon of light that developed to interrupt the landscape.

Collaborative Installations (2015)

Across 2015, myself and artist Chihiro Yoshikura created a series of temporary installations/sculptures with the materials we had to hand. There were no preconceived intentions other than to make something.

Just Add Water

Material Studies, Modular Components, Assemblage Systems (2015)