ATV_0.2//RESO (2016)

Location: CAOS Gallery, Venice, Italy




Curated by Alessandra Chiericato, ATV_0.2//RESO is a collaborative installation from sound artist Jon Law and spatialist Daniel Tollady, exploring the productive tensions inherent in the juxtaposition of architectural sculpture and site-specific sound design. These tensions are to be found in the sculpture’s assumed fixity and the sound’s fluidity, functioning as a spiritual successor to their previous collaborative project All Things Vibrations. In presenting these elements together, an ambiguity emerges in their relationship to each other: How does sound extend the experience of the sculpture? Or, how does the sculptural form influence the reception of the sound? What narratives, fictions and possibilities emerge in their pairing? This ambiguity is what is to be investigated and explored through a dynamic design that seeks to maintain a fluctuating relationship between the sculptural elements and the sound.

ATV_0.2//RESO is comprised of two fluid systems of architectural sculptural objects and sound-generating protocols. The physical space becomes destabilised through the manipulation of the modular design of the installation, nodes and modules that will operate within a state of flux. An installation that establishes a symbiotic relationship of tensions and harmonies between sound, space and structure, alluding to the construction of a spatial engine that explores the physical qualities of sound and the intangible qualities of sculpture.

* * *

Sound will be generated through a series of field-recordings that are then put through a variety of digital and analogue manipulations. With each iteration of the editing process the sound will become increasingly artificial. The composition will be modular in its design; it will generate permutations between the different elements of the arrangements, allowing for a continually changing experience of the soundscape, the nature of it being defined by the room and it's site-specific qualities.

To compliment the soundscape, a series of architectural modules form the visual elements of the installation. As physical objects, they also function as spatial devices that manipulate the way in which the installation is explored and experienced, as well as functioning as utilitarian devices that will house and highlight the sound generating elements. A singular object that will be multiplied and used to construct the space. Difference will generate through repetition and distribution of the objects and the way in which they are assembled.

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