Biofact01, 2018 (841x594mm), ink on trace

Biofact01 (detail)

Biofact02, 2019 (841x594mm), ink on trace

Biofact02 (detail)

Untitled Study: Beaney Composite 001
297x210mm (2016)

Untitled Study: Beaney Composite 002
297x210mm (2016)

Spatial Systems

New Folkestone, 2017 (841x594mm), ink on trace

Anomalies // Corrections, 2013

Conflict Systems, 2015

2 drawings become 67 smaller components that become conflicting systems.
Each postcard measures 105x148mm.

Five Minutes and an Open Road, 2013

Automatic drawing processes:
For five minutes I just hold the pen, and I allow the vibrations of a car to guide it across the paper. 

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