From the Air (2017)

Over two days, this inflatable structure was created during a drop-in workshop held at 21 Guildhall Street, a disused shop unit that has been empty for a long period of time. Members of the public were encouraged to help me assemble the structure, which was then used for a group exhibition, Future Reflections, that same week. To launch the exhibition, contemporary performer Conor Fortune was commissioned to choreograph a performance that activated the structure within the space.


The structure had become a device that altered the immediate environment, disrupting the large volume of space within the building and the grid aesthetic that already existed. As a playful object, it became a tool that visitors could use to draw within the space changing the appearance of the space and the structure itself. 

Special thanks go to Folkestone Fringe for commissioning the workshop, and to Conor Fortune for his wonderful performance.

From the Air: Future Reflections

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