The Same Space and Future Reflections, or 
A Fourth Dimension Transition (2016)

Location: The Allotment, Margate

It is important to establish a spatial theatricality, a structure that continues to change as you are repositioning yourself in relation to it and the site. Points of symmetry emerge as your perspective changes and as quickly as they arrive they depart, the pieces visually reassembling themselves into a system of new relations. Symmetry is achieved intuitively, and not through purposeful design. As the structure is established on site, it reacts to itself and to the context it is establishing itself within and thus, as it develops, a critical and reactionary balance is established – with or without a fluctuating symmetry. Fleeting moments of harmony and dischord functioning in a symbiotic duality. 

*    *    *

It isn't the structure itself that has always existed, but the concept of the structure that has always existed. A series of elements that have assembled themselves into the present formation to try and realise this concept as a tangible system: a system of edges and surfaces that operate in a boundless synergy of time and space. A spatiality that has materialised within the context of a pre-existing space, functioning as a device to expose what is already there: reality and the mirrored virtual reality. This installation is informed by research from various resources that are both fictional and factual, and condenses them into one coherent theology: a theology that looks to create a new spatiality within one that is already established. 

Temporality and spatiality in relation to the Euclidean laws of space and geometry, structure in three dimensions. A form that has been constructed to exist within three dimensions and experienced in three dimensions. A form that is, in essence, in a permanent state of becoming. It has been constructed and has begun to exist and is attempting to become something more, something complete. 

But what happens when you view the installation through a fourth-dimensional lense? The structure becomes motionless, timeless. Duration and its past, present and future have all condensed into one physical existence and remain exactly as is, an homage to monumentality, an homage to being. Structure and systems creating a new existence of spacetime. 

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