Urban Archive: Folkestone - Community Members 001 - 021


001 - Dom

One of my earliest memories of Folkestone, was when my mum took me to the Metropole hotel on the Leas. There was a café at the top, and even though I don’t remember all the details of the memory I remember the strong smell of coffee, which reminded me of my school staff room. I also vaguely remember walking across a carpeted floor.


002 - Sam

I enjoyed taking my daughters when they were younger to the “Sandy Play Area” adventure playground. We have many happy memories there. We enjoyed picnics and the outdoor theatre nearby.


003 - Charlotte

My favourite memory of Folkestone is cycling with my family to Hythe. The route is right next to the sea and it is nice and flat to cycle along. The path was full of people doing similar activity, and it was always a happy time. I took myself long the path not long ago, and the feeling I got hadn’t changed.


004 - George

My mum’s side of the family are from Folkestone, my great great great Aunt had her leg blown off at her house in Tontine Street (next to the Brewery Tap) during WW1.  Now I use the town as a creative platform.


005 - Ted


006 - Jennifer

I love living next to the beach. 
Sunny Sands is lovely all year round.


007 - Rob

On the 22/06/19, having wanted to go on Folkestone Boat Trips for a long time – I finally persuaded my eldest daughter to come with me- £10 a great 40 minute trip that I will never forget (it’s quite rough weather out).


008 - Rebecca

My favourite memory of Folkestone is of an evening last Summer (2018), spent with my now boyfriend, showing him the sights of Folkestone. We visited Space Bar for a drink then spent a good while attempting to throw pebbles at the bell installed on the beach as part of the Triennial.The fun, laughter and simplicity of the evening is something I’ll never forget.

009 - Georgie

I love the extreme weather you get in Folkestone. It feels like a different place each time it changes. Some of the seasons feel like a challenge but it makes me feel more connected to the place and the people here.


010 - Kareim

Walking down the Zig Zag path for the first time on a sparkling clear blue sky afternoon.


011 - Inigo


012 - Yesenia


013 - Lubna

Drawn to Folkestone by the stories of St. Eanswythe.

Imagining her Third Miracle:

Making chips fall out of the sky to the delight of fish who jump out of the pond in The Bayle which marks St. Eanswythe’s miracle of making water flow up stream, and where waterlilies grow, pushing through the darkness of the pond… Possibility 13.


014 - Amalia

Mi lugar en Folkestone.

Creo que mi lugar preferido en este momento es Harbour Arm. Hace unos días fui a realizar una performance en un museo que construimos con los directores de Hop Project. Tiene una gran experiencia. Hace ya algún tiempo tenía la idea de construir de un museo y sacarlo de la calle. Harbour Arm es el primer lugar donde este sueño se hizo realidad. Pude compartir la colección del museo con las    personas que estaban comunicando por el sector, escuchar sus historias y memorias sobre la ciudad y disfrutar del acto del acto a través del diálogo. Estoy segura que es un lugar es un lugar que recordaré por siempre’  


015 - Ed

Going to the beach with my dad, is the earliest memory of Folkestone that I have.


016 - Clare

I have been filming the community in Folkestone for the last 6 years, having returned here after graduating… and I went to school here so I’m not short on memories – good and bad. I made my first films here, made my best friends and had my first kiss here (one of the less good memories). I even use to host a daily photo blog of Folkestone in my teens. I grew up being told Folkestone was rubbish but I love it – it is my home. I am proud to get to make films trying to show the world how great Folkestone is and to try and convert local Folkestonians too. 


017 - Rachel

My favourite memory and place of Folkestone is going to the Sandy Beach with my friends on a lovely day relaxing and enjoying the moment.


018 - Ineui

My favourite place is the harbour where there are a number of food trucks and a nice café below the lighthouse of Folkestone. Sharing the foods which are bought from city centre and our stories were one of my most impressive moments in Folkestone.


019 - Volen

One rainy afternoon in June, we strolled down the Harbour Arm in search for a place to have lunch. We hadn’t actually been there before. By the time we got to the end, the sun was shining and we sat on top of the Harbour Arm, gazing over the French shore. That’s when we understood that Folkestone is a town that depends on the weather for its prosperity, as it was completely devoid of people because of the rain. And yet that’s when one of my most cherished moments took place.


020 - Tsige

Folkestone has destroyed my faith in humanity, so now I’m off litter picking. 

One love
“Hear me now”.


021 - Olivia

Folkestone is continuously changing in my perceptions as I grow – when I left and now I’ve come back, my favourite places change in tune with all of the new people I have met since coming back from London. 
It is both home and a new home.


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