Urban Archive: Folkestone - Community Members 022 - 042


022 - Jon


023 - Becky


024 - Patrick

I like East Folkestone because of it’s many hidden corners.


025 - Ana

The cliffs the warren, the breaking waves, the rough sea and the sweeping wind on the cliff just before the sound mirror.


026 - Mauro

The Sea

A salty mirror reflecting Folkestone’s history, present and future, seeing it from the green promenade brings calm and serenity. Hope to see you again!


027 - Joel

Pizza Prima - the hidden gem.


028 - Mick

Favourite spot: Leas Cliff Hall Terrace looking out to sea (and sometimes France!)


029 - Admire

14th March 2008, 11 years ago now, however that night, Folkestone buzzing from the idea that a top DJ from Radio 1 is in Folkestone. All dressed up in the best outfit, music is the life. People came from Dover, Ashford, Canterbury and London just for one night. All I can say about that night is love and light.


030 - Cam

Summer 2009, jumping off the harbour arm and into the sea. Beers and dangerously shallow waters


031 - Wendolyn (Amy)

I like Folkestone because of the access to the sea front. I enjoy meeting up with friends and walking along the sea front, and just enjoying the atmosphere of seeing families enjoying splashing in the water and having a great time.


032 - Greg

My favourite place in the Warren because it feels like a real bit of wilderness. Comparing it to the Victorian accounts of walks it is more or less unchanged since 1850.


033 - Marian

My grandmother bought a house in Turketel Road in 1946, just after the war, and we were brought up from early 1950s until 1973 when we got married.

My mother, Jane Fox, taught at the outdoor seawater pool in the 1960s. We sold the house in Turketel Road in 1990, and now live in Brundall, Norfolk.

My main memory is the pool, where we spent all the summer holidays.


034 -Mike

I lived at 35 Wear Bay Crescent and loved walking around the town. When aged 10, visiting Madame George on the high street and getting free sweets.

Walking along Sandgate Road, near Bobby's and smelling the roasting coffee beans coming from nearby.


035 - Christopher

A future memory of Folkestone as the place where the poppy became the flower of forgiveness...


036 - Anthony

My favourite memory of Folkestone is The Sunny Sands when the weather is hot and attending church on Sunday mornings and I attend a day centre in Folkestone called Touchbase Care in Tontine Street and I do artwork there on Mondays and Wednesdays.


037 - Annik

Summer solstice at Custom with the shamanic drumming with my friends.

Object: wrapper from pellegrino can (shared with friends with fish bites and garlic fries).


038 - David

Hanging out with my lovely friends, connecting by the beach, discussing the beauty of life and sharing a connected experience here at the Urban Archive.


039 - Bean

Where the people gather.

Cycling to Sandgate in Winter sun with kinship, post-solstice joy.


040 - Cassie

The Old Gasworks Site

Made for the best adventures as a kid. Back when some meters were still present.

Plus weeks of camping over the years at the Warren and digging for fossils.


041 - Kassia

My best memories...

Every day spent with my daughter on Coastal Park playground...

Chance to see her happiness.


042 - Victoria

My name is Victoria.
I'm living in Folkestone.
I'm 5. Every day on the beach giving me a lot of fun finding stones. Every day a different one, I really like it.


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