Urban Archive: Folkestone - Community Members 043 - 063


043 - Kahlo

Favourite places:

The swimming pool.
The beach.
The circus.
A party.


044 - Helen

Sat on top of the cliff at Abbots Cliff Sound Mirror watching a performance.


045 - Susanna

Gazing and feeling - It's like an end I guess and I'm kind of in myself but also present-ish. Slightly softened by the pint and the heat and the pause.


046 - Ash

Walking down to the Warren with friends. Swimming in the sea, making a campfire, sharing food, watching the lightning over France...

And meeting all the lovely artists through ]ps[ and other creative-beings inspired by the community here.


047 - Oscar

Favourite places:

The Harbour Arm and the Warren


048 - Sarah

One night my partner and I went for a walk up into the hills of Folkestone. We watched the sun set and stumbled our way back down in the dark. We walked along the top of the Warren and up the old high street, encountering a very strange, late night art exhibition... From there we made our way down to the harbour as we heard music and sat at a distance watching a firework display. It was an accidental event-filled evening, one I treasure.


049 - Anne-Morgan

In exchange for the track ballast, Ann-Morgan performed a song and told me a story of her childhood in Wales.


050 - Tsige


051 - Graham

The old Shepway air show.


052 - Sasha

I love my house in Folkestone. It has all I need and is best when full of my friends and loved ones.


053 - Archie

I like the Leas because it is the Leas and because me and my friend Jake used to go up and down it. Also because it is near my house.


054 - Lorene

The beach is my favourite place in Folkestone. East Sands / Sunny Sands beach has golden sand, soft and squeaky as my favourite blanket. The water is excitingly cold at first, then becoming refreshing and ending with a desire to never get out of the green harmony.


055 - Samuel

I've been coming to Folkestone ever since I was a child and I've seen it grow and develop and change. I love the Leas Cliff and Coastal Park and really miss the Leas Lift! I've helped out in the Old High Street in the Summer and the Town Sprucers who do an amazing job of keeping the town tidy. My favourite memory is coming to Sunny Sands as a child and I loved the atmosphere and the beach with the stone arch bit at the back. I hope the new development by Roger De Haan makes the town an even better place!


056 - Tony

Walking up to the sound mirror and seeing Folkestone from the clifftop.  


057 - Celia

Dog walking by the harbour every morning.


058 - Hilia

Collecting fossils at the Warren.


059 - Mike

I am thrilled that the railway track, swing bridge over the harbour and the station have been preserved, thus saving all the memories from the previous Folkestone seas of steam.


060 - Ray

I recall growing up around Folkestone and Cheriton when railways were a constant backdrop. In Cheriton, what is now motorway and Channel Tunnel site was my 'back garden' of woods, fields, ponds and hills.


061 - Adam

Favourite memory of Folkestone:
swimming and foraging down at the Warren.

Favourite place in Folkestone:
the Warren.

062 - Tony

Fave memory:
Skimming stones with my father on Samphire Hoes.

Fave place:
The Leas Promenade.


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