Urban Archive: Folkestone - Community Members 064 - 074


064 - Diane

That it sits between hills and sea...


065 - Danny

The people, the potential...


066 - David

Favourite place: The Lees


067 - Alastair


068 - Lorraine

The opportunity it presents to all.


069 - Marc

I always fondly recall walking through the Warren with friends on LSD and listening to the ocean as well as hearing cowbells in the distance.


070 - Connor

My house in Folkestone is the 28th place I have lived in my life and it is also the place I have lived the longest. It is what makes Folkestone my home.


071 - Mark

My favourite thing about Folkestone is that it feels like home.


072 - Mitch

I love the natural elements of Folkestone:

Sea / Parks / Green Spaces


073 - Cherry

The sea.


074 - Greg

The proximity between the sea and countryside!


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