1. The Tomorrow People: Speculations on the Future of Folkestone (Possibly…)

    Date 26 Feb 2018
    Using the work of my current and previous Stage01 Architecture / Interior Architecture and Design students, I recently curated this exhibition in the Folkestone Urban Room. * The BA (Hons) Stage One Architecture and Interior Architecture and Design students, from The Canterbury School of Architecture, based at the University for…

  2. 10/01/17 - A Synthesis of Forces

    Date 29 Jan 2017
    When, in 1915, Kazimir Malevich unveiled his latest painting, the Black Square (below), a new way of art-thinking was revealed. Art was to no longer be based on impressions of reality but instead become something more sublime. “The new artist expresses not an illusion, but a new reality… modulations of

  3. 20/12/16 - Event, Line, Alignment

    Date 29 Jan 2017
    Having completed my second live drawing performance on Friday 16th December, I find myself thinking again about temporality and the sense of becoming – two notions that I’ve referenced in my previous blog posts and throughout my ongoing practice.  At the end of my first live drawing event back in…

  4. 14/12/16 - Two Systems and an Evolving Language

    Date 29 Jan 2017
    I have become increasingly infatuated with the biofacts and geofacts that are on display in both the Masters and Materials room and the Colour and Camouflage room (biofacts being biological objects, and geofacts being geological objects). As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I appreciate that each one is…

  5. 29/11/16 - Conversations with Fluorite

    Date 29 Jan 2017
    To coincide with Grayson Perry’s exhibition The Vanity of Small Differences, the Beaney launched their Cabinet of Small Differences as a companion piece that questions the role of objects and consumerism in today’s society. The cabinet showcases artefacts from a bygone age inviting us to reflect on their contemporary…

  6. 07/11/16 - Documentation and the Sense of Becoming

    Date 29 Jan 2017
    As part of my residency, Friday 14th October saw me hold my first live drawing event in the Beaney’s Learning Lab. By projecting footage of the Beaney onto the wall and drawing on top of that, I was able to create an image that was influenced entirely by the building’s…

  7. 05/10/16 - The Garden Room and a Fissure in Spacetime

    Date 29 Jan 2017
    This September marks the tenth anniversary of the first time that I had ever walked into the Beaney. It was 2006 and I had just started my BA in Interior Architecture at the University for the Creative Arts. Our first project was called Enclosure and in groups we had to…

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