Urban Archive: Prague

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Dates: 13 June - 13 July 2018

From June 13th to July 13th 2018, I was the Artist in Residence for the Prague Biennale organisation, as part of the Magic Carpets programme. Magic Carpets is a 4 year Creative Europe platform which involves 13 cultural organisations from the EU and other candidate countries, providing a platform for emerging artists to collect local stories and carry them across Europe. Each year, each organisation will host an artist for a one-month residency for them to create a body of work in response to this cultural exchange. In it's inaugural year, I was put forward by the Folkestone Fringe, UK, and selected for participation by the Prague Biennale in the Czech Republic.

Across these pages you will find a record of my experiences there, including the work that I produced and information about the exhibition that I took part in.

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